Hot Takes: NLDS Game 3


  • OK. New drinking game. Take a shot any time you hear “1908,””1984″ or “2003.” Bonus shots for “Bartman” or “Garvey.”
  • Madison is a girl’s name
  • I’m starting to worry less about Kris Bryant and his mini-slumps. Anthony Rizzo, however, is starting to scare me a little bit.
  • Yes, it would be hard for Jake to repeat his performance from last year…especially seeing as no one else was ever able to do it once.
  • 3 Ks in the first? I think Jake remembered he was pitching in California again.
  • Seriously, Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are probably the 2 major leaguers that I like the least, especially if AJ Pierzynski retires.img_1531
  • JAKE!
  • I think the neighbors are getting concerned again. Who is this Jake and why do I keep screaming bloody murder at him?
  • I don’t need Vasgersian and John Smoltz literally repeating each other  mere pitches apart.
  • Matt Moore is incredibly unpersonanble and a pretty bad interview
  • It didn’t look to me like Denard Span was going full speed on his double. I think if he was, he could’ve had a triple.
  •  I hate to admit it, but Brandon Crawford has a great glove.
  • The audio of my game feed has been cutting in and out. I don’t consider this a bad thing.
  • Cub factor notwithstanding, I’d be rooting against the Giants just to kill off the stupid “even year” mythology.img_2282
  • No offense to the Nationals or Dodgers, but I feel like the Cubs can easily handle either of them in the NLDS. This series was the one that I thought might have a fluke chance to knock the Cubs out, but the team showed their resilience.
  • Bruce Bochy looks weird without facial hair. I may be wrong but I think he had the goatee in Chicago. Was this some sort of motivational move for the team?
  •  Javy always looks like he’s having so much fun on the field. I can appreciate that.
  • I think comparing the Arrieta-Strop deal to the Broglio-Brock deal is a bit premature.  Brock is a Hall of Famer. At least give us a few weeks so Jake can win the World Series before making such comparisons.
  • Things look good. Things look exceptionally good. However, this is only the NLDS and the Cubs came this far last year. I’m not going to say that this doesn’t mean anything, because it certainly does, but this is just another step on the path to the ultimate destination. Albeit a big step, but one step nonetheless.img_1609
  • When the Giants clinched the Wild Card spot, I immediately looked for available tickets for tonight’s game. The best deal I found was $200 for pretty decent seats in one of the lower levels. When I went back to look again the following day, the cheapest seats were well over $300 for standing room only. I guess I should have jumped on that first deal! Edit: Maybe not.
  • I’m uncomfortable with how much the Cubs are depending on the pitching to provide the offense. I certainly don’t mind 6 RBI from the pitchers, but can we get a few runs from 1-8 in the lineup too? I’d feel a lot more comfortable with that.
  • We get it. Law is clapping and waving a towel. I’m over it.
  • I don’t really know what happened in the bottom of the 8th. There was a red mist and then I woke up to see Kris’ home run.
  • I am so glad that Joe found room on the postseason roster for Albert Almora Jr.
  • Hey Matt. EVERY time the Giants come to bat is a chance for a “walk-off winner.” You don’t need to remind us every single inning.img_2292
  • I understand going for the knockout punch and using Travis Wood for only one batter, but losing his longevity when the game turned into a marathon hurts.
  • Hunter “Crazy Eyes” Pence has got to be one of the most pesky ballplayers in the league.
  • THESE games are why I currently have a bleeding ulcer.
  • Cubs only need one more win. We can do this.

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