Hot Takes: NLCS Game 2


  • Sitting a half hour before game time I’m not going to lie. This is the matchup that most gives me pause. Kyle Hendricks has been ridiculously good at home this year and I expect the trend to continue. However, Clayton Kershaw is still Clayton Kershaw. I’m hoping that the short rest/relief appearance against Washington may have him off of his game. While I do realize that this is a best of 7 series and I can’t expect to go undefeated, coming to LA with a 2-0 series lead will be HUGE. It means that the road for the Dodgers to eliminate the Cubs, come what may in LaLa Land, HAS to be through Wrigley. I like the way that looks. That being said, I like the pitching matchups for the Cubs in the remainder of the series. Certainly Rich Hill is no slouch, but versus Jake Arrieta? Plus having Game 4, as of now, looking like a bullpen game looks mighty good to me.
  •  I like John Smoltz. He seems knowledgeable, but I’m just not sure he should be a commentator.
  • In the first inning Kyle looked like Greg Maddux light. Not so much in the second. I don’t know if the Adrian Gonzalez home run shook him up, but I hope he calms himself down.
  • That was an “old Javy” swing on that high pitch. I thought we were over that.
  • Well, that was a stressful third inning but ultimately Kyle wound up doing what he has been doing all year.
  • Maybe I haven’t seen enough of Kershaw, but I don’t like his double leg kick delivery. Seems to me that it is a balk just waiting to happen.
  • That long ball that Anthony Rizzo hit foul by a few feet would have meant so much more than the 1 run that it would have scored. If that ball stays fair, I think Rizzo would have officially shaken his slump.
  • Hendricks wound up pitching a lot better than I was afraid of in the early innings. He picked himself up and worked out of some self-inflicted trouble. That resilience is going to benefit the Cubs going forward.
  • Gotta admit. I love the Mike Borzello fact of the night.
  • Thank God this perfect game nonsense is over. And yes, of course it was Javy Baez that did it.
  • Oh…and Mr. Baez can play defense too. He is showing some serious baseball intelligence tonight. First with his base running to try and draw a bad throw and then on the double play to get out of the inning. I’ve always like him from his minor league days and even I am getting more and more impressed with him this postseason.
  • I don’t know what to say. Hendricks and the bullpen were good. Really good, but Kershaw was Kershaw and that’s that. I was hoping he’d be off his game and not as sharp as usual. I was wrong.
  • Evidently my FS1 feed has a slight delay. I really need to remember not to go on Twitter during the game.
  • Where is Joe Blanton when you need him?
  • I have a number of issues with Aroldis Chapman, and I wish there was some way the Cubs could have gotten Andrew Miller instead. I honestly don’t feel like I can trust Chapman in these high pressure situations.
  • I can’t argue over individual balls and strikes, but that first pitch in the 9th to Kris Bryant shaped that entire at bat. That was ball 1. No question.
  • Next up, let’s go ahead and sweep the 3 games at Dodger Stadium and get that World Series berth. The Cubs need to go 7-5 for the rest of the post season. The Cubs can do that.
  • I wish Pete Rose’s suspension extended to commentating on baseball games as well.

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