World Series Game 1: Hot Takes


  • I still can’t believe it and I’m not sure my mom isn’t going to shake me awake any time now only to discover that it’s really 1997, the Cubs aren’t in the World Series and I haven’t done my chemistry homework. I have never felt so ready, yet so woefully unprepared as I am for this game. And tomorrow’s game…and Friday’s game.
  • The broadcasters need to stop encouraging people to root for the Indians in exchange for a free taco!
  • The nerves of Jon Lester tonight confound me. It’s not like he has never pitched on the big stage before–and very successfully thus far. He seems uneasy on the mound and that makes me feel uneasy.
  • If they weren’t playing the Cubs I think I would love this scrappy, hard-nosed Indians team.
  • David Ross running face first into the Indians dugout to make the out is one of the best things I’ve seen this postseason.chi-cubs-indians1025b-ct0044171457-20161025
  • Can Trevor Bauer please loan Corey Kluber his drone to play with? Just for a little while.
  • Corey Kluber is pitching a great game–he doesn’t need to have the home plate umpire in his back pocket.
  • The signs that are appearing in the stands are ridiculous. “’84 and ’03 Chokers” and “Bartman for President”? Those things mean nothing to these new young Cubs. They are focused on the here and the now. That being said, personally I always try to be nice to billy goats.1479713858_accbafc0ae_o
  • I really hope Jon Lester is having a civil conversation with Vanover, but part of me hopes he is ripping him a new hole. For the strike zone, for the Carlos Santana thing–whatever it was. If the player is injured or sick, you pull them from the game and replace them. They don’t get to have a few sips of Gatorade standing on second base.
  • Kyle Schwarber is a real life Roy Hobbs. I fully expect him to do something monumental to win this World Series.img_2337
  • So I guess the game plan is to win the games that Kluber isn’t starting.
  • So Jon Lester has finally decided to pitch like himself. Too bad it’s after 3 runs have scored. I’m a bit surprised Joe Maddon gave him this long of a leash.
  • The Cubs hitters look woefully overmatched against Kluber and I don’t think things are going to get much better once Andrew Miller comes into the game.
  • You know it must be chilly if Joe Maddon has the hood on and his jacket zipped to the top.
  • Thank Jobu that Rajai Davis was playing unaware and Kyle made it back to second safeoy.
  • Stupid Andrew Miller remembering how to be Andrew Miller.
  • I feel like the umpiring this postseason has been pretty bad across the board, but tonight’s game has just been awful and one-sided. This isn’t sour grapes. I’d say the same if the teams were reversed, I’d just be a little more gleeful saying it.Lester got a few close calls and Kluber lost a few but the call being correct seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.
  • I’m always a little uncomfortable when Joe Maddon starts burning through relievers, particularly long relievers in a relatively close game. If the Cubs manage to tie this up and it goes long into extra innings, they will have lost a vital weapon. I try not to question Joe, but I do sit uneasily  sometimes. img_2384
  • I certainly appreciate Anthony Rizzo’s f bomb after the pop out. I don’t care much for the circumstances leading to the swearing but it did make me laugh.
  • Really? The hero of the night is Roberto Perez? I don’t like this dreamscape.
  • A split on the road is OK. Then we kick tail when the Cubs return to Wrigley and take Game 4 from Kluber after seeing so many of his pitches tonight. Things will be OK.img_0492
  • The Brooklyn Robins later became the Dodgers? Wow, thanks Joe Buck. Now I know the rest of the story.
  • I was really hoping for the small moral victory of at least one run.
  • This game wasn’t as close as the line score would lead you to believe. Kluber was channeling his inner Bob Gibson and Andrew Miller worked his way in and out of trouble and the bases loaded incident in the 7th was the only time that I thought the Cubs had a chance to score. I’m not terribly upset with the loss with the way that Kluber pitched. Obviously I wish for a better outcome but there’s still 6 more games–if wthe Cubs need them–to demonstrate why the Cubs had the best record in baseball by a long stretch. On a positive note, Zobrist looked great, Lester calmed down after a rocky start and still got a “quality start” and Kyle Schwarber looks like his addition was a wise one by the Cubs braintrust. He swung the bat as well as he did when he was healthy. I feel truly optimistic going into the rest of this series. I still say Cubs in 5. ct-cubs-indians-world-series-game1-photos-032

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