World Series Game 2: Hot Takes

  • Well, Game 1 was ugly. No denying that and I was reminded of it all day as I wore my Cubs hat and shirt, but that’s ok. The Cubs lost to one of the best in the game and it happens. To be the best you have to beat the best.
  • Some Cubs fans sent Trevor Bauer a drone from Amazon. I love it. I’d have done it myself, but that’s a bit pricey for a joke in my mind. Well done anonymous Cubs fan(s).
  • Willson Contreras tweeted an apology to the fans of both the Cubs and the Indians, apologizing for not running harder on his double that initially looked like a home run. The apology seemed very heartfelt and my heart broke for this kid who obviously realized he had made a mistake. I guarantee he will be running full bore on everything he hits from here on out.

  • Andrew Miller will eventually come back down to Earth, right? Right?
  • “Former Cy Young Award winner, Jake Arrieta?” How about “REIGNING Cy Young Award winner, Jake Arrieta?”

  • Fred Willard narrating the opening video about Cleveland was brilliant.
  • Trevor Bauer is not a great, or even a good pitcher, honestly. He is a mediocre pitcher who has gotten lucky. I think it’s about time for that luck to run out for good.
  • Ben Zobrist’s battle with Bauer was impressive.
  • I still maintain that Kyle Schwarber will have a “Roy Hobbs/Kirk Gibson” moment in this World Series.
  • Geez I like Francisco Lindor. But I can’t afford to for this week. His interactions with Javier Baez are still adorable, however.
  • The end of that first inning reeked of the first inning of Game 1. Fortunately this had a happy ending.
  • Javy Baez can kind of do anything he wants to on a baseball field. 
  • Most of the Cubs are bundled up like they’re traveling to the South Pole. Then there is Jake Arrieta wearing just shirt sleeves. He’s a beast regardless of how he pitches.
  • Watching the game in the hospital sucks. They insisted on taking me away for some tests and I missed two innings and an RBI.
  • Jake Arrieta  hasn’t looked amazing but he is certainly getting the job done.
  • Anthony Rizzo is battling like a beast. He is looking like he did during the regular season and that should scare Cleveland. A lot.
  • The Cubs are waking up and playing like the 103 win club that they were during the regular season. I think they will be going forward full throttle from here on out. Even against Corey Kluber. I honestly feel that the Cubs can win this game and the next 3.
  • So I hesitate to jinx this, but I think Jake might actually be able to throw a no-hitter in this game. 
  • Danny Salazar looks like he might legitimately have Jobu sitting in his locker.
  • Jake looked great–aside from a few isolated  incidents–but after giving up the hit to Jason Kipnis he was not pitching the same and needed to be pulled, but for most of the game he looked a lot like the Jake of last year. 
  • Aside from Andrew Miller, the Indians bullpen is full of a lot of anonymous journeymen. Even closer Cody Allen is fairly unknown outside of Cleveland.
  • The Cubs are still looking great but I’m not thrilled with their inability to blow the game open and keep their feet on the necks of the Indians with the bases loaded.
  • Mike Montgomery has been one of the nicest surprises on this team. I literally expected nothing out of him, possibly to be a taxi player between Chicago and AAA Iowa, but he has become a key piece of the bullpen.
  • This Cubs team is not the same team that was shut out last night. I don’t know what caused the change but they need to do it again for the next 3 games. I love what I’m seeing tonight.
  • There is no temptation for Joe Masson to play Kyle Schwarber in the field at Wrigley because he has not been cleared to play defense.
  • Oh good. Aroldis Chapman is coming in mid-inning. That has gone so well in the past.
  • Hey! That went well.
  • Go Cubs, Go! In fact, go all the way to Chicago and win the next three games st home!

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