Meeting Kris Bryant at USD when he was a fresh-faced prospect

I am a die-hard Cubs fan–like a “cry after game 7” kind of guy– even though I live several hundred miles from Wrigley Field. Not that strange, given that my grandfather was a Cubs supporter and WGN was a consistent presence in my life. For a long time I suffered from harassment by my contemporaries, but they were mostly Padres fans, so the validity of that harassment is dubious at best. Yes, I remember all about 1984, but somehow that year doesn’t bother me as much these days.

When I need my live baseball fix I am within spitting distance of Angels Stadium and the aforementioned Padres are just a short trip down the 5 freeway to my parents’ house. I’ve also found myself quite the devotee of minor league baseball and am fortunate to have several teams a short drive away. Not a bad living situation, if you ask me. Nobody ever does.

I like to write about the baseball experiences that I get to enjoy, places I get to visit and people I get to talk to. If it is baseball-centric or even loosely tangential to baseball, you’ll find it here. Interviews, ballpark visits and memorabilia all have a home with me.

I am available for anyone looking for a writer with a–shall we say “unique”–sense of humor and an eye for stories within the stories of baseball. I’m also available for bar mitzvahs, weddings and bris ceremonies. 

Come along and join me for the ride together, tripping baseballs.


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