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Hot Take: Game 1 NLDS

  • I spent a majority of my evening trying not to cry. Or vomit. Or both.
  • Holy Cow is Jonny Lester good, or what?
  • Grandpa Ross is insanely good behind the plate.
  • Neither of these are new revelations, but they deserve to be reiterated in light of this game.
  • I love that Javy got to be the hero. He has been viewed a lot this season for his glove, and rightfully so, but his bat was what first drew him to the collective Cub fanbase as a minor leaguer.
  • We all saw Bill Murray, yes?cunb8i4weaae2f2
  • It’s probably a good thing that I tend to watch these games alone. I’m sure my neighbors think there was some brutal domestic squabble in my home tonight.
  • I honestly find all of the Giants unlikeable with the possible exception of Bruce Bochy, but even he seems to have gotten grumpy in his old age.
  • 1908 was an even year too.
  • 10 more wins to go.